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With all the being so happy I totally forgot to mention that nominations will still be open for the rest of the month at [ profile] wicked_awards !
I really want to encourage you to go over all the fics you loved, and all the art you admired lately and do the creator the honor to nominate them. You will definitely make their day!

It's open for fics and graphics not only for BtVS and Angel, but also for Firely, Stargate, Charmed, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and X-Files. It doesn't even need do be new; only past year's winners arn't allowed.

Do it. Go noniate!
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I did round 10. Got thrown out in the frist challenge. Did the come-back challenge - alas, I didn't come back.
But: It was still fun, and I learned so much that round! The concrit I (and otheres, even though I didn't always agree) got there was kind and so helpful, and I want that again!

So, despite knowing I've no chance in hell to survive even one challenge, I'm still going to do it again:

Sign ups at [ profile] lims_btvs are still possible, so go over and, well, sign up! The more participate, the more fun it is!


May. 22nd, 2016 12:26 am
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I've tasted blood (no pun intended)! Making icons is kind of addictive, as my aching neck could tell you.
So I decided to participate here:

There's still the chance tosign up ), but only for a few hours (11 pm ET), and everyone gets a skip point, so you could still participate even if you hadn't an icon for the first challenge!

There's a really, really strong competition, so I won't last long, but that's okay. I just want to take the challenge to do something with pics I haven't chosen myself and make something with it.
*Off to sign up*


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