May. 26th, 2016 11:39 pm
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My participation in the LIMS BTVS challenge lasted exactly one round. I hadn't expected more, and it was still fun. What I loved about it though is the concrit I got there. It's the only challenge I saw so far where voters are requested to not only vote, but also explain the reason why they voted an icon out. And of course everyone tries their best not to hurt people, so they really gave some good advice.

I took some of it and worked the participating icon over once more. They said it was too dark, which was true, the writing was too big (I had it a lot smaller, but enhanced the size in fear of it being unreadable, and I'd noticed it was a little too big in the end, but it was already way too late that night to change it again, so I let it. A mistake I won't make again...) and too dark (which I don't agree on, so I didn't change that). They were also right that the cutting away from the background was to harsh. This was something that really caught my eye in direct comparison to the other posted icons, but you don't see them before voting, so I didn't have the comparison, and I just still lack experience. (Then again, my untrained eyes maybe wouldn't have seen it even in comparison...)

I thought I show you the difference it made:

Loss1.jpg vs. 

It's really minor things I did, but the difference is still huge. I don't know if this would have kept me from being voted out, but I like it more.

So, why am I telling you all that?
I loved the concrit. I am so new to this that every advice what to do better gets me, well, better. Also, I was a little frustrated about the result (because of course I had hoped to last at least one round. Even if I knew I wouldn't, hope dies last after all, and participating without it makes no sense at all! And thank you again, red_satin_doll, for your encouraging words, they helped a lot!) and played around a bit more, and I wanted to present you the result. And (that's why I told you the whole thing) I'm not averse to getting critic on it (as long as it's constructive).

Here goes:

So, what do you think?
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I don't really give a damn about that particular day. Usually.
But when my daughter gave me this wonderful selfmade cake today (among orther things she made), I was still touched and thought I'd share with you!
So, to all of you who are mothers (also in the broader sense, which includes the 'mothers' of cats, dogs, horses or what ever you see as sort of your kids :) )  :

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I experimented a little with GIMP yesterday, which is still really new to me. I wanted to create an icon, but since it's way to small to be effective as icon, but I still like it, I thought I post it. The icon I did use instead (see this post) was much easier and faster done...(grumble, grumble...), but I like this one more (even if I know it's nothing special).


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